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Hello and welcome to LOST IN BOOKS and our literary residency program, IN OTHER WORDS. 

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The opportunity: A paid residency to develop new work in languages other than English, over eight weeks in Fairfield, South Western Sydney. Artists will be paid $2500 per residency.

The space: You will be given a desk in a light-filled studio at the back of LOST IN BOOKS multilingual kids' bookshop. You will share the space with one other artist and, from time to time, with a LOST IN BOOKS staff member.

The perks: We will feed you two meals each day from our in-house kitchen. Expect delicious, loving home-cooking with Iraqi roots. Connection to a public hungry to read quality literature in their own languages. Connection to publishers. Opportunity to be showcased in an annual literary Mother Tongue Festival to celebrate literature and creative expression in languages other than English. The first Festival will launch in February 2018.

Our expectations: We expect that you will be part of making LOST IN BOOKS an inclusive, generous, enabling, joyful and fun place. We require you to deliver a community workshop and to participate in an end-of-residency celebration. 

Intellectual property: The work you make remains yours - you retain copyright. However, we will ask you to grant us a licence to celebrate your work and our connection with you, on terms that we agree. 

Our limitations: We do not have budget to support any flights or accommodation. Whilst we will work to help artists from outside Sydney to find affordable accommodation, you are responsible for finding your own suitable accommodation.   

Applications close Thursday 17 August 2017, 11.59pm

Residency dates: 28 August 2017 - 20 October 2017

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You will spend eight weeks in residency with us. What do you want to do? Please explain in detail the work you wish to make or develop further. This is your opportunity to explain your project, its objectives, its motivation, and what you hope to achieve over the course of the residency (500 words).
IN OTHER WORDS hopes to provide a rich creative environment for you. Collaboration can play an important part in an artist's development. You will be in residency with another artist. You can choose how closely to collaborate with them. You can propose an ideal collaborator and apply together. Please note that if you are selected, there is no guarantee that your proposed collaborator will also be accepted. You can apply alone. Please be aware that you will share studio space with another artist. We will do our best to place two artists whose practices may be of interest to one another in the studio at the same time. Please describe a collaboration that could benefit your practice (500 words):
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We require you to offer one workshop for children and/or adults in the community and to participate in a public event to celebrate the work you have done at the conclusion of your residency.
What is a workshop you could offer to the local community? Why do you think the local community members in Fairfield and/or Liverpool, South Western Sydney would benefit from it ? (300 words)
How do you propose we celebrate the work you develop or make on residency? For example, a reading, an installation, a performance, or any other idea you have. (300 words)
We are building a rich and supportive network of literary artists working in languages other than English. How might you contribute to this community after your residency is complete? (250 words)
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