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Lost in Books offers a range of services for schools and educators.
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LOST IN BOOKS Professional Development


Do you teach in a multicultural classroom? Are you looking for creative ideas to engage and promote excellence amongst speakers of  different languages? Join LOST IN BOOKS' professional development workshops to gain new strategies to strengthen multilingual literacies, and to use creative learning in your classroom.

We offer three-hour sessions with a focus on creating practical strategies, and connecting you with the resources and expertise you need to inspire today's diverse students to achieve excellence.

Course developed by Kathryn Morgan, Jane Stratton and Dr Rachael Jacobs

Course delivery by: Dr Rachael Jacobs

Cost: $250 + GST, includes course materials and takeaway resources

Duration: 3 hours

Location: LOST IN BOOKS, 2/40 Harris Street FAIRFIELD NSW 2165 or at your school (minimum group of 10)

Typically offered Mondays, Week 3; Tuesdays, Week 7, NSW School Term, 4pm for 4.30 - 7.30pm. Refreshments provided.

2019 Dates:

Term 3 2019 - Monday 26 August, 2019; or Tuesday, 3 September, 2019

Term 4 2019 - Monday, 4 November 2019; or Tuesday, 26 November, 2019

2020 Dates:

Term 1 2020 - Monday, 3 February 2020; or Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Term 2 2020 - Monday, 11 May 2020; or Tuesday, 9 June, 2020

Term 3 2020 - Monday, 3 August 2020; or Tuesday, 1 September, 2020

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Book orders

Lost in Books has a growing collection of books in more than 30 languages. We also curate great collections in English which show a diverse range of cultures including those of Australia’s First Nations. And if we don’t have it, we can order in the full range of books available in any bookshop.
Additionally, we offer a multilingual search service to source quality books that are hard to find, in the languages your students and school communities speak.

Contact us to find out about discounts for bulk orders and reduced-price shipping.

You’re welcome to visit is in store at Fairfield, NSW. We can visit your school with books to share. Or you can shop online, create a wishlist and then send us an email to let us know you’d like an invoice. Or just send us an email with your objectives, and let us compile a list of recommendations with a quote for you!

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Book fairs

Book fairs are a great way of spreading the love of books to your school community.

Lost in Books can create a book fair for your school with a hand-selection of the books you want to see - no junk! Ask your school community to donate one of your selected books to the school library! Or take one home to read.

We specialise in Grandparents’ Day, Education Week, Book Week and special celebrations. Your school earns money to spend at Lost in Books for all sales made.

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Creative programs

Lost in Books’ creative program is run with artists who love to make art, theatre, film, music, science experiments and purposive fun in schools.

Through our outreach program, Wandering Books, we meet weekly with newly arrived students and their families to forge social connections between families, and between families and the school; to strengthen intergenerational bonds through creative play and exploration; to celebrate cultural and linguistic diversity; to increase English lexicon; to share languages; and to make new creative works.

Lost In Books can run in-school creative sessions for early learning, primary or secondary schools.

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