What will I receive if AM AWARDED THE residency?

  • $2000 cash injection to support you to get a new track that celebrates languages other than English out there

  • Creative guidance by an established artist(s) throughout the duration of the program

  • Recording session + mixing and mastering for recorded track

  • An opportunity to perform at LOST IN BOOKS’ annual multilingual arts festival, 'In Other Words', 20 - 22 September, 2019

  • A 15-minute filmed and recorded performance as part of Lost in Book's Sound System web series

  • Exposing Sydney and perhaps the rest of Australia to your musical work in a language other than English, throwing light on diversity and connectedness through music

Who will be looking at my work?

An incredible and diverse group of talented and established artists who include: Milan Ring, Okenyo, Antonia Gauci, Marcus Whale, Tareq Abu Kweik of 47 Soul, Alphamama, Vuli of True Vibenation, Ariel Blum, and Sepora.

Is it ok if my work contains english in it?

Yes. As long as another language is incorporated that is other than English.

is it sufficient to only include non-english musical influences?

To consider and review your submission, your work has to include a language other than English. Sonic references within themselves will not be sufficient for review.

Can I apply with other people?

Of course you can! We welcome both solo artists and performing groups.

I am under 18. Can i still apply?

Unfortunately not. Candidates will only be considered if they are 18+.

I don’t have proper recording equipment. How can I send my sample through?

Your submission will not be judged on audio quality. Even if you send in a phone recording, that will be more than fine. Just make sure your recording is clear enough for your music to be heard.

My file isn’t uploading. What do i do?

Try to compress your file by zipping it. If that doesn’t work, please contact Lama at lama@thinkanddotank.net.au and we can sort it out with you.

What if I can’t make those dates suggested in the application?

No worries. We will be phoning up the top three finalists prior to revealing the results. If you are one of the top three finalists, we can address this issue and suggest other potential dates that may work with your schedule.


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